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The value of this trip goes

way beyond its funding ...


Sam Miller, UNCG Faculty

JBQ Charitable Foundation


Our Programs



JBQ is primarily focused on granting activities that promote:  (a) professional development programs in Peru and (b) overseas work experience in Peru.  These programs and work-studies provide individual participants a unique opportunkty to enhance their education outside of the traditional classroom setting.



Not only does JBQ expect all of our participants to gain a better understanding of the challenges and issues confronted by a Latin American educational system, but in the study of other natural ecosystems, participants are expected to become  more knowledgeable and effective environmental educators and advocates for sustainable development - in a domestic and international context.


In 2014 JBQ successfully collaborated with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) and we will be looking to develop similar study abroad programs with other academic institutions in the near future.






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