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JBQ Charitable Foundation

About Us



The JBQ Charitable Foundation (JBQ) was founded in July 2013 in memory of the late Jorge Benavides de la Quintana – a distinguished Peruvian mining executive and an enthusiast of education and the diverse ecosystems of Peru.   


"Jorge had tremendous respect for education, broadly conceived, and he always took great care to cultivate those around him an appreciation of Peruvian history, culture and, particularly, the beauty of its coastal mountain and jungle ecosystems."  Annick Benavides, Grand-daughter and current Board Member of the JBQ Charitable Foundation.


As a tribute to his legacy, JBQ is committed to the development of professional capacity-building programs for pre-service educators in Peru, in collaboration with universities based in the United States of America and Peru.  JBQ will primarily grant activities and sponsor educational development programs in Peru such as university courses, study abroad initiatives and/or overseas work experiences.


JBQ is confident that such unique opportunities will not only enhance educators' knowledge and skills in new educational environments, but also empower each educator to explore aspects of personal identity and global citizenship as these relate to diversity, privilege, race, class and gender.  Through these programs, JBQ also intends to create continuing opportunities for dialogue and cooperation between educators in the United States of America and Peru.


JBQ is a designated 501 (c) (3) Foundation. 








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