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JBQ Charitable Foundation

JBQ Honorarium 

Since its establishment in 2013, and in collaboration with universities based in the USA and Peru, the JBQ Charitable Foundation has been devoted to identifying study abroad initiatives and/or overseas work experiences, in Peru for educators and pre-service educators, that can include an emphasis on language and sustainable development.  To that end, JBQ President, Aerin Benavides, decided it was essential for JBQ not only to recognize extraordinary educators with a track record for innovation and creativity in and out of the classroom, but also to draw on the expertise of such dynamic educational professionals.

Therefore, on June 6, 2016, the President and Board Members of the JBQ Charitable Foundation, voted unanimously to award the first JBQ Honorarium to Talmeshia Renae Parker, a Georgia Southern University Master’s Graduate (2016) in Teaching Secondary English, and currently an English Language Arts Teacher of 8th Grade students at Langston Chapel Middle School, Statesboro, Georgia.


In July 2016, Dr. Benavides was thrilled to be able to travel with JBQ Honoree, Talmeshia Parker, to evaluate schools in two different regions of Peru, where they were able to get a real-time picture of how the schools in the area are facilitating English instruction and to gain insight on the future goals, current pedagogical practices, existing materials, and desired needs of the schools.  


From these observations, JBQ will use the information obtained to formulate a plan of action to build English literacy while providing new learning opportunities for pre-service educators in the United States and professional development possibilities for the current teachers in these specific areas.


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